When I look out and see the clouds build over the Pacific in a friend’s Instagram story or the green mountains in front of my own home, It takes me back to Apia Samoa. But the clouds there exploded! So, so big I actually felt scared that they would fall over and consume me. They were the biggest, out of the ground, all the way to heaven, massive cumulus clouds I’ve ever seen in my life ! The ever changing ocean. Rain you cloud hear as a stampede before it got to you. The dark would come toward us. The thunder and the road in front of our apartment by the temple would rush with water. It was rain from the sky that could not be called rain. It was so much more. Sheets. Walls. It did put fear in me. But also this excitement. It was such an awesome power. And so beautiful with the golds and pinks playing off the clouds that followed as the sun wore through. I felt so small. And I realized how big this world is. And how insignificant so much of the stuff we put our time and worry into is. And it changed me. I never felt worldly. But this place showed me we are all on one field. Kindness has no language barrier. Nor fear. Nor laughter, nor the human experience. We all want to be loved. We want to be known. Seen. Heard. No matter what our circumstances.


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