Oh. My you tube comments 😅. I am Lindsay. I am learning a lot from your makeup videos ! And just know. You are a daughter of God first. That is your identity ! We put all this pressure on ourselves. But in all the busy days and places to go and things to do we forget who we truly are. I’m not what my ex says I am. Or what I tell myself when I feel like I’m not enough for not becoming what I thought I should have been. And you are not less because you are nervous or flat out scared to death to try new things like soccer or getting in a swim suit. Or if your kids say things that just break your heart. You are and always will be, a daughter of God. Of infinite worth. Now go say the Young Women theme. I think I felt like yes! Of course I am! Before life hit me in the face. But that is exactly what I think the Savior means when He asks us to be as children. Teachable, having hope and faith because we know that He is bigger than anything else. We need to work on getting back to that place
And as we work to do that, I know we will find miracles if we look. Things we needed to learn and understand will be made clear. Some things have for me. ✨

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