I am absolutely grateful to each of you. Officer Spencer came to our home when a window in our van crashed in while my mom and daughter were in it. He was so thorough and kind. And he even talked to my son about the Explorer program that he wants to be a part of. I have friends whose fathers who have been in SCFD, and I have many friends who are police officers. And I know the intense stress and commitment it takes for the whole family. And when I have had questions myself, as I often am alone, I have just gone up if I’ve seen officers eating – I know it’s break- but I needed to know how best to protect myself after a mugging across the street a few years ago. And they told me exactly what to do and what to have.

And nearly being kidnapped as a child right near my home outside Sutter, the officers who came were so good with my 1st grade self. It was a man who had been stalking schools. And they caught him. I can still see his face. That fear of him turning his car and stopping. But in class we had learned about Stranger Danger. And I did exactly as I learned. It brings tears to my eyes. It was terrifying. But I was taught. And that man did not get away. And it is a testament to the longstanding goodness of this department.

So. I say thank you over and over. To all who serve. Who listen. Who dispatch. Who talk to our children. And the families at home who are waiting for you to walk through those doors. I thank you all. Please let your community know that they touch far beyond what they can know.

With much love, and gratitude,

Lindsay Sidford


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