I’ve had Sisters in my life since I was in Pioche. I basically did splits and dinners and lessons  and finally Brother Mathews said come on in to our meeting ! You are an honorary missionary! And when I needed that strength the most, I was so glad they didn’t get along ! So Mara Condie and I each went with a sister and did missionary work and drove them to Panaca – they have rules on miles. But I loved it. It was my sanctuary. I got to learn the Gospel, but most importantly, the Atonement on a more microscopic level. And in each stage of my 20s, 30s, and now oh my. My 40. It’s just that. Almost a month in, missionary work has been part of my strength. My little sisters, friends who I love so dearly, we share so much. Where they came from. What it’s like there and what their plans are. And if you ask, yes. They have hard things too. And we connect and hug and cry a bit together. But then we share the amazing things and lessons and miracles that have brought us here. At this moment. And yes. They still hurt. But it is the peace of Christ. Allowing Him to guide. Not stomping your feet and saying I want my way ! I tried. Really hard. And it does not work. But when I let my Savior guide, the peace and love that flooded me was immense. I love missionary work.

It began while I student taught in Western Samoa for a semester. And my sister here looked through my scrapbook and found her uncle !!! Yes. Small world. Nearly 20 years ago. She was a baby. And I was teaching her uncle at the Church College of Western Samoa. I loved my senior missionaries. They took me through the temple. They got into my heart so fast and it’s a special thing to know you can go to your bonus parents and they got your back. To see them teach in their roles there. And how they took care of me. Not one day went by that I didn’t see the Larsens. I got to watch Penny make all her amazing sweet breads. And coconut jam! And Brother Larsen laugh when he asked me if I wanted hash. ( It was so hot I really could not stomach much except fruit, magnum bars, frozen Pepsi, and rice and potatoes.) But I still have my jar of sand from Return to Paradise Beach. I cried as we left. I just got settled. And it was time to go.

I know I want to be a missionary. Or serve in the temple one day In the capacity I can. My son said with wide eyes, “You mean you’ll go somewhere?!” I said probably not too far with migraines. If they improve. But I will always testify. And I will always be unshaken in what I know to be true. Because I have lived it. Known it. And felt it. And I wanted to share this with you because I felt like I needed to. ✨. If someone you know needs a lift. Or wonders about missionary work, you can send them this message. Or if you just want to have missionaries over more to see the blessings it can bring to your life, try it. But I needed to share. I hope it gets to all who need it.  

Much love. From all who have loved me so generously.


Sister Tuilimu and Sister Rueyen

I love you guys so much 😅. Holly was so happy to know you came and wrote a card for her. I took a picture of it so I could keep the words close. You just bring such strength of the Spirit when you are here. The love I feel and how much I want to keep doing my best just helps me know that God does not forget His children. Even when we think the pain we feel is too much, I finally understand what the peace of Christ is. It’s knowing He will take those things. Not erase them. But build you up and be by your side so you can do it. And the love you feel from a relationship with your Savior is what gives the healing. The grace. The heart to say I can. And I can start again. I can try things I didn’t think I could. ✨


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