Umm. Bedrest each one. A lot of crying. I could not really go places. I was not amazing. I called my dad everyday and cried. But I lived in such a tiny town and my ex was just not supportive of what I needed? A totally diff situation than you. But I felt like I had to have these babies ✨. He left when my youngest was 2. And my medical condition did not make it easy for me to carry children. So I think I just was blessed in so many ways with sister missionaries, the women in town, and family by marriage I’m still very close to. ✨. They held me up. I know I had my angels. I’m very sure of that. And I went to the St. George temple often with my friend. / she was in her 80s. But she was my best friend. My best friends were all older women. Women I sewed with. Or at church. They held me in like a hug. God knew who I needed. And through it all and this year – He has shown me miracles still. Prayer comes with answers we might not understand, but if we let go of what we want and let Him lead, There is absolutely peace. And comfort. I did not understand the power of the Atonement until this awful. Hard. Year. I thought all those other hard trials were hard. I thought I understood. But not really. I really had to give up what I wanted. For my daughter to stay here. But I could not make her. And I had to let her go. But I prayed and cried. I can’t do this alone. And that peace came so fierce. My friend said she could see a light around me. In my deepest heartbreak. 2 times. That is what she said. She could see a light. And I read about it. It is when angels or the light of Christ is with someone passing or in deep despair or trial. But I could feel them. I’ve always known my angels are close. It’s a gift the temple Patron told me I have. So. That was long. But if you ever feel overwhelmed, remember you are not forgotten. Not ever ✨


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