Danika and I have continued to just listen and talk. And then last night I gathered them and asked them if they saw how our prayers were answered. We had prayed individually for her. How she could feel love. How she could know she matters. And that she is worthy of love. And we told her what we each prayed for. And she said , well that was fast! It was so awesome. To have them build each other. And she was the one asking them to listen as I read. I told them and do. Pres. Nelson has promised us miracles if we will read the Book of Mormon together. And this was a miracle. God hears us. Did they see it. And they did. As we read just a few verses- they talk and get all over each other or share things about what they think is going on- but it has been a time of coming together. And going this slow, I’m actually seeing such amazing things that pertain to me. Truths I did not understand how I can now. And we stop and talk about what a word means. Or a reaction or a teaching. And we pray taking turns. I no longer have to wait and wait or go around finding them. They know when I say scriptures! They come. They stop. And come.


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