Oh I understand. I listen to conference talks nearly each day. And one last night I remember from a few years ago. About knowing how the Spirit works to let us know if we are on the right path.

So I’ve been praying and praying to be protected from this adversary that is attacking my family. And I just wasn’t feeling at ease. But I felt over and over that the miracle comes after the trial of my faith. When I first got a blessing in this ordeal I knew with a strong impression that it would not be easy, but we would be ok.

So I came today and decided to go into the Congregation. As I listened to the songs and watched my daughter sing, the Spirit brought absolute peace to my heart. Mind. Soul. And when I got home I felt in my mind , “Did I not speak peace unto your soul ?” Like my Father in so many ways has given me answers and I need to keep trusting. And this is what the conference talk was on. If you feel the Spirit you go on that path. The Lord will let you know if you are on the wrong path. If you feel nothing, have faith and trust that you are doing the right. You will know if you get in a wrong path. So. I felt like as I keep feeling and having these impressions, the Lord is aware of me. My children. And the fears, those are not of God. Doubt my doubt before I doubt my faith.

Is that the correct way for me to know ? To not fear ?


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