Bro. Broadbent
Happiness is found in serving others
Small acts of kindness
Finding gold in the rocks he smashed the rocks together and found the gold flecks – there is gold in here, you just have to know where to find it. Quit searching for the gold you can see. Be patient. It takes work to find the gold.

Heart felt so uplifted to see Will pass the sacrament today

The Holy Ghost will let us know who needs our service
If you follow your good thoughts the Lord will guide you as you go. You don’t have to run. It’s sitting that’s the problem.

Remember the aged. When days can be so gray. Add color to their days – Pres. Monson.

Elder Jay Pimentel of the Seventy
Assistant to the Quorum of the 12

He often doesn’t get sacrament because he’s on stake conference assignments

Pres. Nelson turned 94 and they call him Hustle M Nelson because they can’t keep up with him.

He can exercise all the keys, and the apostles defer their keys to certain capacities.

We should begin with the end in mind. Pres. Nelson. When serving think of the temple in mind.

Help gather. Temple work.

When there is an open house for Oakland, use the time wisely. It is Christ’s home.


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