But I want to really help connect people I see who can help each other. I did that in school. In medical assisting school. I’d get the shy ppl and ask where they were in their blood draws. And then get the ppl with good veins and ask them to hold up. And then these ppl got all their draws in two sessions ! I love. Helping people connect. See their goodness. How do I do that beyond here on IG? I’m trying to figure out the path. But I still have healing. But is the healing part of this process.
It could be. How do I find others and connect them to those who can guide them. If I could have a warehouse full of supplies. And a safe place for people to come when they feel like they can’t go on…and people who have been there and who can connect- art therapy. Music. A place to move and get stress out. Like a ymca for depression.


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