Happy Mother’s Day my beautiful sister. You are a such an example of faith and long suffering and enduring. You have so much good ahead for you. You will be blessed for every Heart ache felt. You will be one that is rich with heavenly blessings. I’m so grateful for you and that we are sisters.

You were up ! It’s super windy here. I am sure that we knew each other before. And that we were so aware of the trials we’d face. That our kids could be such a strength not only to us, but to our parents. I have had this feeling. That it is for a purpose that we have this. And as I read and study about the preparations Moroni and others made to defend their people, I see how we took measures in years so far back in our own lives with choices we kept and made to protect our families. Our children. Us. And that those things we continue to do, even when it hurts, will be understood in a beautiful way when we need to. But for now, all that needs to be done is to keep loving. Keep learning. Keep true to those covenants. I love you so much. 💜


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