Symptoms/ ent
Head and neck neurology trigeminal nerve affects the first branch
Second branch is nose third is teeth
Not just T nerve. Born with a hypersensitive nervous system.
◦ Brain stem , hypothalamus has sensory nerves affected
You get sensitivities to smell taste sinus pain that doesn’t go away. Facial pressure
90% of ppl with chronic Migraine have something underlying. Depression, anxiety, sleep disorder,

Doctors should ask about childhood diseases. Colic, car sickness, and other

Migraine affects balance system — dizziness, oral and ear pressure, spinning sensation! Yes!

Ataxia- feel off balance. Not dizzy, just a moment. Often women. Yes!
Sinus pressure: nasal congestion and runny nose can be sign of Migraine. Nervous system controls blood vessels in nose and secretions. Mimics a sinus infection.

Make sure you explain your history to get correct dx.
And if it’s in the family

Stigma to the disease is strong. YES
Allergies : overlap with Migraine
Sensory nerves have lower threshold before they fire to brain. So allergies that cause inflammation and cause change in the body can trigger migraines

Your reality is the only way you sense it from your nervous system.

Ringing in ear: very common for Migraine
Facial pain, dizziness
Ear pain

Feeling sensitive to wind, touch or cold to ears!
Had history of car sickness !

Ear pressure very common !
Burning sensation in mouth or tongue
All clues to a diagnoses


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