It is. When I was in Apia to do my student teaching, I got blisters on my feet from walking where the sand got stuck in the Velcro on my Tevas. So I look down one time and it was full. Of. Tiny back ants!!! So the family we were staying with – one of the teachers our age – they had a little storefront. Like a lot of ppl there so her dad saw my foot and on Sunday morning went to his store and got me bandaids ! It was out in the village. Not on the church lot where the temple is. My open wounds
Did not heal until I got home! I had a coral cut and the blisters. But I wish I could go back. Have you ever been to Western Samoa? They do have amazing surf. Not waves I’d ever go near 😅. But the people and the rain. The bread. Not like any other. And the ice cream ! The fabric! I couldn’t live there. But it was life changing for me. I didn’t see myself in terms of comparing to others. It was taking all familiar away. And I had nothing to do but absolutely rely on the Lord. And I did. I need To get back to that place. Before the marriage that did so much hurt. Before all the medical breakdowns. I want that trust and that pure and total love for myself because He loves me. Not because I can do or not do things. Or look a certain way. It was that He came first in all aspects of my life each day. I completely submitted my will to Him! That’s what it is! I think that is what I was doing. I did not think of myself. I thought of my class. Making friendships and trusting God.


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