Hormones and migraines
Hormones are chemical messengers between organs in the body.
Increase in Migraine at puberty and perimenopause.

Medical menopause: ovaries can stay active for over 10 years after last period. One year after last period – but I have had hysterectomy. So migraines can get worse in menopause.
Hormones are only one of the factors that contribute to migraines.

Depends on your factors how they will affect you over your life.

High levels of estrogen states trigger aura and Migraine.
Low states are without aura ?

Prostaglandins assoc with hormonal migraines

When brain gets overloaded with triggers like noise, lights, hormones, food smells, the time out for the brain is the migraine !

Migraine is a sign of underlying disorders.

What are likely medical problems at your age and how can you manage those symptoms.

Grinding teeth or clenching jaw
One muscle group that gets tight affects other muscle groups and can trigger migraine.

Ear pain is temporal mandible joint inflamed

Tmd is a disorder of the joint. Tmj is the joint.

Bad posture can affect your jaw too. Hunching over stresses muscles and joints and affects neck and jaw.

Use a nightguard.
At night the clenching can be severe.

Popping of the jaw
You don’t have to have a joint disorder to have these problems. Like structural abnormality.

Should be able to get 3 fingers vertically in mouth without pain in joint or popping and grinding.


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