Aura vs. occipital neuralgia
Neck can be first symptom of Migraine
The trigeminal system goes into the upper spine.
Vision and aura : those with aura have a specific kind of migraine. Begins in the vision. It’s happening in the brain.
Spots, zigzag lines

Cortical spreading depression
Aura will come before headache. Can be on opposite side or both.
Can be vertigo
Can lose headache but keel aura later in life.
In between big headaches still sensitive to lights, moving things , very visually sensitive people.
Visual snow: tiny dots. People who can see it , blobs of color, floaters, look at object, look away and still see object there – me palanopsia
Seeing shadows *
Auras don’t have to just be visual : all senses.
Malfunction in turning down sensory system

Any neurologic symptom that builds up that’s followed by a headache is an aura odor sensitivity *
**Stripes , patterns , flickering lights, **headlights
Cortical spreading depression: a depolarization. Some triggers can make you more susceptible.
It’s an electrical slowing and vascular changes that occur in the brain in the cortex.
You can have auras with no headache.
More likely in late life. Brief episodes. Slows thinking. Not as well understood.

Ocular Migraine : not a good term. It’s not in the eye. It’s in the brain. A retinal Migraine is in the eye but is extremely rare. Is a vasospasm of the eye.

Most likely it’s Migraine with aura
Blurred vision – yes
Can get dizzy with things moving around them *
A lot of people are visually sensitive during and not during Migraine. Ppl have lower thresholds with Migraine.

Threshold : you have to take care of your environment. Prone to sensitivity
Helps : tinted lenses, not same as sunglasses, block blue wavelengths inside and tinted sunglasses for outside

If disabled by Migraine and aura , baby aspirin can help.

Occipital neuralgia. : can get pain in your eye from the nerve on the occipital nerve. But its not common. It’s a pinching of that nerve. Brief lancing pain. No visual phenomena. Usually from an injury. Goes into neck too

Neck : trigeminal nerve goes into spine. So it can be a trigger. Or it can be the start.
Neck spasms can trigger. Cervicogrnic headache can lead to for posture

Trigeminal neuralgia is on the cheek, like a volley of pain. Triggers from chewing or things similar. Comes and goes

Occipital: goes up back of neck and is like a rams horn


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