Enteric nervous system: the gut
100 million neurons in the small intestine

Strong gut brain links with constipation, nausea, diarrhea

Ayurveda to balance mind body gut

Brain can operate independently of gut and vice versa
Very complicated. More neurons than in spinal cord!
Gut talks more to the brain. Connects through vagus nerve. Gut feels emotion often before brain.

When liver and gallbladder are overwhelmed with bad foods or even bad emotions !!! They can’t detoxify correctly !

Gastroparesis. Can’t break down foods : get bloated and constipated. Digestive system is stopping during Migraine

When hypothalamus sends pain signal the gut responds

So the digestive system is in a state of warning and threat.
Pain builds when you can’t clear the stress. When you can’t detoxify the feelings, foods that cause pain as well.

As a migraneur your gut isn’t productive as well as others anyways.
If you have gas, bloating, appetite signals changing are signs of liver not being healthy.

Vagus nerve links gut to body. Creates a rest and digest response. the body uses gaba, an enzyme? That produces that enables you to use that rest. Keeps bacteria healthy.
When stressed it goes into fight or flight. Bacteria is compromised.

95% of seratonin is produced in gut !!!

Digestion can signal more about your well being. But it’s just being discovered. Can help with pain.

Mindfulness each day. Gratefulness.

Warm soup in a Migraine attack lentils
Lunch for largest meal , help microbiome
Cooling spices/ fennel, cumin, coriander tea

Most ppl are Vata and Pitta. Bring excitable and wind down. Start day with warm drink. The nature and state of the food it’s in. Migraines make you cold. So cold food and drink make it worse.
Avoid salads.
Make decisions based on your state

Eat clean. But look at your nature. Instead have vegetable soup not salad. Mindful of how you feel. Nature of food and your state of energy.

Meds : meds, steroids, ibuprofen impairs microbiome. So in long run pain won’t be reduced. Tripans in injection or patch are better.

Opioids : constipate. Worsened what causes the disease. About the whole body not just head pain.

Look into leaky gut syndrome


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