Responsive brain/ genetic and environmental

It’s in the brain where the dysfunction begins.

Early intervention
Recognize it – it can last hours to days. Same as post dromal.
Fatigue, yawning , sensitivity, doubt , concentrating, depression, anxiety food cravings, scent : brain is responsive brain amplifies these things , nausea

Aura: spreading electro chemical event on the cortex. 90 percent is visual. Sensory aura. Depends on what part of the brain it’s affecting. Brain stem aura: vertigo , gait. You can have different auras each time.

Attack : mild to moderate pain can go quickly to severe. Within 30 min. Don’t need headache to have Migraine. Nausea can get worse if pain intensifies. Aura can overlap into all stages.

Post dromal – can’t function fully yet.

Attacks vary with ourselves. Responsiveness of the brain and control of the environment each day. How vulnerable the brain is. What your threshold is that day.

Body systems : begins in the brain. Disease of the brain. Controls the motility of the gut. Can produce symptoms outside of Migraine because it’s the master control. Blood pressure… many symptoms assoc with Migraine. It affects the blood itself ! Blood gets sticky. Inflammation.

Other phys. : eye docs, visual symptoms : ocular Migraine is from that cortex action in the brain. It’s often Migraine related. Not vision related. But they can help. Tinted lenses.

Dentist. : tmj, tooth pain , where you experience pain can be referred. Sinuses and tearing you go to an ent. Neck pain going to chiro. Presents often in head and neck. But doesn’t mean there is pathology there. Nervous system refers pain. Be aware esp. if surgery is a suggestion.

Chiro. : there are subtle abnormalities in the neck structure. When you change input into the brain , you dampen down pain response. Not necessarily a misalignment. Brain responds to the nerves inflamed as well if you devolop a pain issue if you don’t regularly get migraines.

Massage : tension in neck and shoulders : the tightness is due to Migraine itself. A consequence itself of a migraine , not the cause. Not a long term solution, not where problem lies. Can comfort in the short term.

Holistic type things : Ayurveda, Chinese meds : some plants in Chinese medicine and in Ayurveda can work. So listen to patient. But it needs to be proven safe. Don’t just try anything. It can be dangerous. Work with doctor to see how much they know. If it’s safe to try.

Migraine is a “Black box” for many providers. But they’ve targeted a specific protein. It needs to get into the profession and schools. It needs to be in headache medicine. 20-30% of patients will be headache and migraine patients.


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