My walking friend and I were taking just about what your post was about. With depression and anxiety and divorce and migraines…I have my faith. Yes. But sure I get fear ! A lot ! People say just have faith. And I think. I have faith. Yes. But I am afraid. I need to work through this. Sometimes I just need to work through it. As I look back, I never could have seen the trials I have now. But God has never left me. Not in my lowest lowest times. And I was at the bottom. But I saw God’s love
In gang banger boys who saw an elderly woman who couldn’t speak English. She was Chinese. They spoke Spanish to her. Brought her juice. Pushed her in her chair. They got nurses to get things. They watched tv with her. These boys who had scared me earlier in the hospital. I prayed to see the love of God. And I did. When they tried their best to help this woman. Crying so much. Huddled in her wheelchair. I felt the Spirit so strong. And I cried in my corner. I knew God was everywhere. ✨


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