Oh man Lindsay this trial of your is turning you into a fiber of gold. The adversity is becoming the ladder to better version of yourself. There’s this woman I met and she said some of the most beautiful things about adversity. I need to send you the link. She took care of her husband for 40’years who had MS. He died last year. But her understanding of adversity and how it was the very thing that molded her and her husband to be a gold fiber.

You are doing that. Sometimes I get the feeling where I need to pray for you. So I know the lord is so aware of you and knows when you need extra strength.

And yes making that small step going to church even for a bit or making that step outside walking like you have been doing. You are putting faith first. You are starting. I’m so proud of you.

That is so beautiful. Thank you. In a blessing I had I was told my health weaknesses would become my strengths

I felt so compelled that I needed to go to church that morning. I woke up with pain all over. A raging migraine. And I thought I would get the sacrament at home. But as I prayed, i felt an urgency. And it got stronger. And I could not doubt the Spirit. And I do not want to ignore that gift. So I found a skirt I would feel comfortable in. And I got a text from my friend. The dizziness was so bad I knew I couldn’t drive.

As I listened I looked at the picture of Christ. And the speaker talked
About all the things my soul needed to hear. I felt like I was in the temple. I felt like the heavens were opened to such details of understanding for me. For my life. And I was overcome by emotion. And I finally met a sister I had become such good friends with on the phone. Losing myself in Christ. But knowing He knows me so much more. To make me more. I can’t even remember all the points of the talk. I’ll get a copy. But it’s the radiance I felt. The beauty and truth I knew. It was Home. The Gospel is Home. And I am so thankful for the ability God gives me to be able to freely worship. To understand things that are true. To feel the Spirit. And to have that companionship. I have such a long way to go. But I feel such a strengthening this past month. As I have really studied the Book of Mormon. As I have walked. And come up with action plans to replace fear with faith with the help from my friends.


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