I just got one ! I was told that my health issues would be made strengths! Oh my. And he used the same. Words. My old bishop used in my blessing as I was ready to move home after my ex left. He blessed me that I would have joy in this life. And so did this counselor. Same. Words. And he added that I would have joy in the next life with my family and Savior.
My patriarchial blessing talks a lot about my health and that I need to take care of my body and there will be challenges.
But I have felt strongly that I knew I would have depression and these migraines before I came to earth. And that I might have had an option to choose other trials. But I chose these for a reason because I knew they would be needed for a reason to help others.
And he said something about that too. And I just said how did he know I knew that !
I just have these feelings when I feel connected. That these trials have been blessings. Not so much trials. To keep me close to my Savior. To keep me looking to Him
I’ve wanted to write. So much. I love to write. Writing was so much a part of my schooling. I felt at ease writing. I journal when I feel. I’ve gone through weird things. Things that so many say why don’t you write about that. For me. I want to express how depression is not something that keeps me from God. It has brought me into such a deep relationship with Him. And migraines. The stages of grief with divorce and ptsd over things have taught me God is there. To teach. Not to force.


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