Mosiah 4:10. It says to humble ourselves before God. And what got me was how it says we must believe that he will forgive us! That when we ask with sincerity and repent and work at it. Believe He will! That got me in a new way. – my snippet today

I have been reading before I walk. It’s so much different when it’s morning. And quiet. We talk about so much as the sun finally comes up. But I’m finding these things as I read. I’m gaining so much walking. But you know. I feel so. Bad before I go. I wake up in the night. I have migraines the rest of the day. But it’s this time of learning. It’s this time of sharing. And it is this time that is a gift.

I’m finding that things might be hard. But I am stronger than I thought. Because I’m learning to lean on my Savior ! I am re- learning how. How I did in Samoa. How I had to. All the things I learned did have a way to prepare me. I just needed to dust myself off. And wake up!


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