I think my body, no matter what I try 😅. Is telling me that it is just probably going to settle at this weight. It’s kind of funny. I lose weight. Gain weight. But never fails. I end up right back here. If I only eat cottage cheese. Or eat junk 😅😅😅. But I’m just going to work on accepting that this body has done quite a bit. It’s survived some scary stuff. It’s been a home to my babies. It’s been my spiritual home on earth to learn and grow and it’s gone through big illnesses. Surgeries. And yet. It still allows me to hear. To see. To move. To love. So this body is more than the scars. The cellulite. The imperfect things I see and want to hide. It holds a heart that loves. It holds a spirit that feels close to God. It has the ability to see and want to try more. It has the ability to learn. And to know truth. So all the things I would love to just erase- it’s an accumulation of a life. Of all these moments and experiences. And instead of loathing or having pride and feeling jealous that I am not the skinny, gorgeous girl. I can know that I was created to be me. A bit funky. A bit sass. A bit quiet at times. A lot of hopes. And a lot of imagination. I’m not from a mold. I never was. ✨


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