I really like this. I am in line with you. I believe in Jesus Christ. It’s the central core of my life. I’m Mormon. I am a mother. I am German. We used my grandma’s German recipes and my other grandma was a caterer and cooked lots of German food. My grandfather was in a German band. They went to Germany to the town of our name – Hasselbach. My sis found some relatives in Germany doing some family history !!! I think keeping a family history is so important. Which is why I take picturesAnd write about them. I print my posts and keep a journal. I make photo books as well and include captures of my thoughts for my children to have and pass on. Both sides of my family came from Germany. My grandmother translated her grandfather’s journal from the Civil War. He fought for the North. His harrowing experiences. It’s a treasure. I have looked up census things and luckily before my family in the Central Valley passed I got a map of the line back to Germany. And I found articlesOnline about these people ! There is so much I can go on about. But also. It’s their faith. It’s their legacies. Teachers. Doctors. Bakers. Music. It’s all part of me. I have loved all these things. My family has been in music. Teaching. And I went to medical assisting hoping to do more. But I feel their love. So that’s why I do my best to keep such documentation for my generation.


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