Patriarchal blessing

I read my blessing last night after reading a few things about doves. And I felt such an understanding of my purpose in different ways. Things I didn’t understand before. It truly felt like my Heavenly Father knows me. My trials. Well. I knew that He knew. That I knew. And that He would provide me with blessings I would need and I do have talents that I see now. Not things that others see necessarily. But people make comments to me on my IG on things I share. Pertaining to testimony. Or things of that nature. And I didn’t see that that could be a blessing to others. Or me. I just use it as a journal. But I am so grateful to have it. And I just wonder what else I might understand as I learn more.

From Sunny
Yea I mean truly in heaven The question may be how we uplifted others and helped others but it won’t be a focus on what capacity we did it or how many people we reach it’s just a matter if we reached one person or if we tried to help other people and share gods love

I see other people doing amazing things because they are famous and have done have a lot of money or they’ve done something really well in sports or your name is just big and so the capacity to help other people is very big and then I look at my capacity to help other people I don’t feel like it’s at the same magnitude as others but in heaven I don’t think that that might be the focus I don’t think will even be asked that it’ll just be did you try and love others. Did you share your testimony. Satan is super sly in how he discourages us.

Yes! I have struggled to know my purpose if I can’t do all I used to. In helping my parents. In doing things with my kids. If I would have been able to finish my internship and even work part time. Or volunteer at school. But I felt as I do now. And as my old bishop taught me, does the Lord have my heart. I had tears in my eyes in my interview for my recommend just telling him what I told you. What good am I to those around me if I can’t provide. But he stopped and said. Lindsay. All the Lord wants is your heart. And it’s clear He does. And this overwhelming love. Clarity. And power just flowed through me.
And as I read my blessing I felt that as a further understanding of my questions.
I wanted to serve a senior mission. I wanted to go to Australia because R was from there. I loved the people there. Maybe I will. But I feel that as I looked at the blessings of Ephraim, one is to testify.
And it clicked. I felt part of something far beyond myself. From before this life.

I think we recall and remember from pre earth life. Things we learned. and it comes through strong feelings.

In my blessings I was told I was given the gift of the Holy Ghost to be with me at all times. I need to look at the paragraph it was in. But I get such strong impressions from the Holy Ghost. I came to me as I read that that yes, we have that gift. But maybe for me it is a gift beyond when I attend to those promptings. The things I felt and saw in the temple. The dreams I have that have been like a movie and later happen. But I feel a peace. Like with Will. I knew he would be born in the car and in the nicu. I was so afraid. But after I had this feeling that it is what prompted me to prepare. And to go. And I knew that I needed to always listen. The fire. I asked R what I should do. 2 weeks before. And it happened. And I knew what to do. I knew how my neighbor died. I just had a picture come to me when I asked him. But I knew he didn’t have pain. There was this peace even though I was so sad. Because his family didn’t share his belief in God.

But that’s what happens. It’s as if a picture comes. Or a dream. And I feel it. And I am learning if it’s not what I want, that if I trust in God. He will provide and strengthen me.


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