. I have been thinking so much. And I learned so much. After the cry. And the laughter. To be still. I always am anxious. And I realized when I allow the stillness to come, it can allow such a flood of learning. As I pray. Or think. Or see a scripture. It’s so amazing how we can learn the same lessons over and over in church. Or read talks over and over. But when you are in a different stage of needing, you learn what you really need. And it grows. I feel it in my heart. And I have to write it. But I know that this Gospel is the one true thing I can count on in the world right now. That truth and a living prophet are blessings beyond what we even know I think. Where would we be without a prophet ? What would this world look like? Who would we be if we didn’t know of a Savior? It’s some deep thinking. But wow. To be in this time. With all we have. I realize as a mother, forget the stuff I can’t do ! There’s too much I must do! So much to teach. So much to guide. And listen. And laugh. And hug and hold when they cry or just have had it that day. So. I can’t let today pass by because I think someone else is better for the job. Because I realized this morning in the shower. – always the shower- that all these things. All these trials are given to us to grow from ! Not just fall apart and stop us in our tracks. But find what we need in them to make us better. Why it took me so long to figure that out. I don’t know. But maybe my pride was holding me back. Most likely. It has a way of being in the way of a lot of really good lessons if we just realized it was in the way. I think this will be a blog post. Pre migraine is always good thinking too😅. Go figure.


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