To Erika

I compare myself so much it’s drowning me. But that is not of God. I know that. I need my heart to get in line. And you always have an insight. A scripture. Or just a real life yep. You’re right ! Get back on track ! You are the one who lays it out. Good bad. And I can too. You are my angel I am sure. So sure. I had to make sure you knew how much I love you. How much I know that you have a work that is beautiful to do here. And to keep going each day. Through tears. Joys. Just keep. Going. Ok. You have such a purpose. God doesn’t give His battles to ones He can’t trust. And you passed 💪. It reminded me while I watched Insurgent. It’s like the Gospel. Two plans. She didn’t want to fight in the end. And that’s how she brought the light and truth to the people. Tris. If you haven’t seen the Divergent series , you will see so many parallels. How two plans are presented. But the one that is scary. That is the one with free agency, is the one that ends up proving to be what the world needs. And what saves them. And those who aren’t afraid to choose for themselves in righteousness ultimately find peace. You are a Tris. 💪. The first is Divergent. Then Insurgent. Then Allegiant. It’s sci fi. But as I watched it with D a second time. I could not help but see the parallels to the plan of Salvation!!!!


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