Finding each other.

D has been splitting her time between will and Holly πŸ’œ. She’s so. Happy !!! I said see! When you open up and let people in, you see how much they love you ! They have been taking turns having sleepovers with each other. I’m so. Grateful that they are. It makes me so happy.

I told her they both love her. But when she gets frustrated or they do, then they all lose sight of that. So if they remember that they do feel happy when they spend time together and realize that getting along feels so great , then they can keep doing it here.

Danika is enjoying helping Holly learn how to be older πŸ’œ. And showing Will stuff and learning things from him too. She was lost in that stage of not knowing where she belonged. But she realizes now that they need her. I’ve tried to show her so many times. But I think it had to come from them. And I did talk to them about getting along. And just helping each other out. Being a team.


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