You know what my dad told me? His aha moment last month. He said I get the true meaning of the Priesthood. It’s all this stuff. But the first and foremost duty is to serve. Which is what he has always done. He is not a scripture buff. Or a returned missionary. He’s a convert. He gets so nervous around those who know so much. He feels like he couldn’t possibly offer them anything more by teaching a lesson when they have been on missions. Or held callings he feels are above his. But ppl tell me he is what class is. He embodies service. He has sat with the dying. He has brought people back to church not through lessons, but through friendship. Through service. By taking them to doctor appointments. By listening. Taking them to ice cream and getting the old guard together when they had to be in care homes. He was there. Not asked. But because he loved. He has always been my example of service. Not ever expecting anything. Not ever judging people. But being that quiet person who acts. And goes to the rescue. Even in times of his own trials. And I’m so grateful my kids have that example. When he’s gone, I tell them. What he’s doing. He doesn’t believe the effect he’s had on so many. But that is his humble way. It’s just him. He just loves. And that is what Christ would do.


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