Divorce and all this stuff is not for the faint of heart is it. Goodness. I just think of if I’m doing things right. Or if I’m not if I’m using the full capacity of His Atonement. I think that’s my goal. To be using in action His Atonement.

The ups and downs of depression. The migraines. The days I don’t know if I feel I’m enough. But He is there. He never loses sight of me. I can draw as close to Him as I ask. And He will always be there. But distractions. Pride. That pride comes in so many forms. Doubt. Comparison. Fear. Fear that He can’t help me. Thinking I am not enough in His eyes. But all those things boil down to. Pride. Holding onto hurt feelings. They don’t do anything but justify. They don’t bring me closer to heal. They help us think we are right ! When we really could be healed by laying down all that hurt. And saying here. I don’t need that. You took it on for me. And I can ask to free my heart from those chains. It’s freedom. Like any addiction! Pride is maybe the most damaging to our Spirits. It hides in so many ways. But it serves not the Lord. And it will not ever serve us well. So I’m going to take inventory. Weed my garden. And not let pride grow where other amazing things could. Love. Service. Charity. Personal growth and testimony. That’s so much more. And more beautiful than pride.


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