They all go tomorrow early. I just put in the last things like my snack packs and cards and extras. And you know? I thanked him for planning such a great thing. He also has taken on doing fairy homes and so I had Holly read him a note and wrote him how I do it. I just think there are blessings in so many places if we look. But my problem is that pride. It can just fog up so much. My therapist doesn’t want me to get too much emotion though. It is something to earn back. I think it’s fair. But I’ve prayed for so long. For forgiving hearts. For things I keep seeing come to pass ! A little girl Holly met to go to church with !

I think the Lord wants us to learn. I’ve been watching these devotionals and I learn so so much. Having faith and working on the time of waiting. ✨. That was huge to me. This has been such a huge waiting period. But I saw that I was not working ! Not to my best ability. Not fully trusting that the Lord could love me. But each time I offer my full heart. I am received with open and full love. A new lesson. Learned in a very personal way.


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