I’ve gotten a good amount paid off on my credit card just by not shopping for silly stuff. And focusing on a goal. That got me thinking about trying so many more things after I heard about Elder Maxwell’s not shrinking talk with Elder Bednar. I walked the plank in a swimsuit. But you know. Not everyone stared. And not everyone is perfect. And what I have a goal to do is get back to moving ! So I go and I focus on real swimming/ kicking for 10-15 minutes. That usually gets me pretty tired. I’ll get more time added on as I go through the summer. I do resistance bands at home. I’m learning that trials are truly for refining. So when the Lord needs me, He can say. Ok. She tried, she kept at it. She put her faith in action. And I can trust her with my name. That is what I want to be. To not shrink. I made it through a full sacrament ! Yes. Big migraine after. But I planned the night before. I prayed for help to get through. I did. I know my angels ministered to me. Because the minute I leave that migraine busts out so big. But I feel like as I sing the hymns. As I take the sacrament. I am home. In a way closer to being at the temple than anything else. I feel such a lightness. Such a love for my ward family, most of whom I don’t know. But I feel love. It’s just a living. Loving. Gospel. That as I keep learning. Keep trying. I gain bits and pieces that fit together for me. For my struggles. For my triumphs. And I know that my prayers are heard. So if you ever feel like it’s a hard day. Or it’s a big trial. I know the Lord has such a kinder, greater perspective than I know. This testing time is to learn. To grow. To search. To help one another. And all the turmoil I can’t explain. Except people have their own agency. But in life eternal, those blessings will be so beautiful. Beyond our human comprehension. Like a dream you have. That was so amazing. You wish you could stay. But so much better ! I can’t not share my testimony when it comes. πŸ’ž


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