I’m doing better with this new therapist!!!! And I’m using a migraine herbal supplement I tried once but in a new formula and I think it’s helping depression and migraines. So I’m doing some yoga. Doing more each day. Writing. I haven’t lost weight yet. Grrrr. But I haven’t gained. So maybe that’s good😅. My doc said my meds definitely are a factor in that. So I talked to my weight watchers help person and I’ll try a different approach. But what I’m really trying to do is to spread awareness about mental health. Chronic pain. And to be real. So others know that they aren’t weird. Or alone. And tell them that the right therapist and doctors and support does help you find that light ! Plus visiting teachers. Calling my prayer givers like you who support me so much. Searching the scriptures and Ensign for words of the prophets. The answers come as I work. We say it. But until you are in a place where you don’t have any other option and you cry out to the Lord. And you can follow the smallest prompting. And then more comes. And you keep going. It is step by step He will take you by the hand✨.


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