You know what ! I have a hard time with Mother’s Day. The things I was told I was not. The insecurity I still feel. So. I’m changing the name to what I think it really is. For all women. Daughter of God day๐Ÿ’œ. Whether we mother our own children we have. Or have taught in primary. Or helped in a swim class. Or day camp. Or just have loved. As women. We have the capacity to see things in different ways men might not. So own it! Each day. I’ll post this I think. For my doctors who have been women. They have helped me in different ways than men doctors could. For me. Not everyone is the same. The sister missionaries. They absolutely connect with me. My relief society president. My visiting teachers. Soooo many of my friends from college. From high school I’ve grown close to from life experience. Coaches who have nurtured my children. Other women who have when I couldn’t be there. This is their day to share with me. Their bonus mom. Yes. Divorce does not mean you have to not like the “other woman”๐Ÿ’œ. I have been so immensely blessed with a woman who I am grateful for. Teachers who understand my kids. Our family. Our community who is our village. And no I have not forgotten the men


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