My Answered Prayer

When my VT came today, I had been struggling with so much in my heart. Feeling alone. Anxiety. I prayed for love. To know that in my waiting someone cared. That I would learn and find those things that would help me know my weaknesses were not going to ruin my kids. That He could help me be more in the ways I had watched on conferences. In personal accounts of others. But I still was stuck.
As Anna talked and I poured my heart out to her, she told me of a talk she heard at a stake conference. I’ve loved the stories of Christ healing the children and asking for them to come to Him when He visits the Americas. But what I never realized, as was highlighted in this talk, was that these children had just gone through immense trauma. Tempests. Abuse. In the account given, an army general brought his young daughter to Christ to be healed. She had been violated. Hurt. I couldn’t imagine his grief. But Anna told me that this was a testament of the healing of the Atonement. She was healed as if it never happened. I always thought of the happy children at His knee. Could those be the happy faces because of the Atonement and the healing peace?
And we talked. My weakness. My flaws. He can fully heal them, too. My children can be healed of pain. The Atonement covers all of it. Sin. Pain. Hurt. Weakness. Sickness. He makes us whole. I fell on my knees and cried in thanks. I never understood this story in this way before. But it made a world of difference today. She followed a prompting. She answered a prayer. And my spirit was lifted. I felt such immediate love. Love that was unmistakable. And even if I have hard times, I can know He will be there.

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