Stripping labels

Sisters- Book of Mormon project. Inspiration diff for each. I learned more I think as scriptures came to me and had new meaning in this phase of my life. Diff parts of my testimony became strengthened as my trials tested me.

Plum picking:
Bruises and scratches, I wanted to stop. The migraines. The pain. I prayed for help. And it came. I found a food pantry. Ppl came to help pick. The jam worked. I cried in pain and asked for help to get the work done. And more help came. As I put my faith first. I worked. I couldn’t give up on my tree. The tree that gave me such peace. My tree where I prayed. The plums that would give food to those who needed it. The jam I promised my kids.

Don’t run faster than you can. I needed to rest. I needed to trust the Lord with the larger issues in my life. I knew my pride was telling me to try to control everything. But I couldn’t. And it made me miserable. When I let go and truly decided to believe that He loved me enough to take care of me, a burden was lifted. I didn’t have anxiety. I worried that I wasn’t worried ! But that is the peace the Lord brings.

The Lord brings people to help as you pray to Come to the Rescue. It can be yourself. Your family. Your neighbors. When you work with others, you can do so much more than you can imagine. Some days are hard. But some days we need to just need time to remember to stop for a bit. Remember we aren’t alone. And try again.


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