If I can serve by loving others as I have been loved. That’s what I can do. I can try my best on hard days. Ask for help when I am feeling that cloud. And always teach my children to love others as Christ loves us. To choose good. To remember the testimonies they have. The temple they love and want to be at. That Danika already loves. That we can go to together soon. One time when you are here if it’s longer I just wish we could take our kids. Go to the temple. And have that temple time. I used to take them weekly or a few times. But with the highways here I can’t navigate traffic safely. In Pioche I didn’t have the auras and it was two turns 😅. And they knew when they saw it. But they forgot. Now will. Can soon go with the youth. Danika knew that Spirit she felt. I’m so grateful. She loves it there. I want to go. I need a driver who would take me. Maybe help me. I’d do initiatories. Just 5. That’s what I can handle. But it’s my special time with heaven. And I miss it so much. From nearly once a week to more than a year or two. I need that. My soul needs its home.


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