Holly’s Christmas 2016

I thought she was making things for people. So….Christmas Eve we open presents. German tradition. Holly brings us all her things. And after such a hard. Tough. Month. It made every person laugh!! An alligator plastic necklace from the pool for my mom because she wears jewelry and has seen gators. 2. Danika’s puppet butterfly she gave back because Danika had wanted it back and she likes butterflies. 3. Her American Girl puppy to Will because he loves our dog and his stuffed dog. 4 me. Her American Girl cat because I love Roxy so much. 5. Two gem rocks my parents got her for my dad because they are so beautiful and he loves being outside. We laughed. But I told them she understood the true meaning of giving. She spent time giving what she could and thinking of each person. It touched me so much. And the pictures of the laughs were priceless. 💜


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