To Erika

That lesson you taught me the other day helped me so much. It changed me whole outlook. I realized my prayer was answered ! My doctor gave me a way to get help I so needed. I looked at my bills and cancelled an order for something I didn’t need. It will take time. But you made things so much more simple for me. The answers are right there in front of me. I was too proud to see. And your loving self showed my prideful heart that The Lord wants to bless me. Not make me feel less💜. And my dad hugged me. And I cried all over him. My mom called me to her room and told me she was so stressed. And hugged me. Really just let me know she loved me. My heart is so full. I am so thankful for your humility. That you don’t put pride first. That you listen. To the most important things. That you teach me when I need pride to move aside so I can see God’s hand. That’s such a gift. You just have to teach that. To your kids. To anyone who struggles. If you see a person who is on hard times. You have that gift. You’ve blessed my life. My heart. Days I thought I could not move. Oh. Tears. You have charity. But that comes from struggle. I do think so. You see people. You see what they can be. 💜. How the Lord’s promises will be brought forth if we just keep on. I love you so very much. If I can be just half the mom you are. Just an ounce of the woman you are. I’d have been successful. 💞


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