Let’s get up to date. 

I never had the confidence these kids have. As Danika played I teared up. She took that ukulele and learned how to play it with her stubborn grit. Just the way she takes her piano. She might fight it at times learning something new, but the result is always that she can’t stop. And my dad, just like her uncle last night, told her to play it again! 

Holly is a one stop shop to all your kindness needs. Making cookies to be sure each person has the right frostings, or making pictures for teachers and family and friends, she just never stops. If you are lucky, you can be serenaded by her often dramatic singing in the shower. Very good steam to warm up the vocals. And great room to let it all out😅. 
All 3 love Legos. They even have a currency system. It could overtake Bitcoin one day I’m sure with the Lego loving population. It’s 3 pages with a 2 page addendum. Single space. This is not for sissy Lego enthusiasts. But onto Will. If he shakes his head. He’s not implying no, he’s just shaking his beloved hair. Yes. He is in love with his amazing hair. I do love it myself. He’s past the wax spike do. Now it’s the longer shake it off do👏🏻. 
He is amazingly funny. They all have a great sense of humor. But Will does these impersonations that have me rolling. And when he and Danika get together. It’s my fault when it gets out of hand! Since babyhood they have been connected like twins. They help each other. They do everything together. Or get mad.  

In the end of all the mess of life, we stand up for each other like peppermint does for patty. Like peanut butter does for jelly. Like salt does for fries. And that’s how it goes. Good afternoon. Good evening. And goodnight. 


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