Just stuff about the kids

Ok. You know when you are talking to people, in my situation, my kids, and everything you say just keeps getting funnier?  This happened one evening a couple weeks ago.  Now.  You must think of facial expressions.  That 9 year old freckled boy question mark look.  Priceless.  The pure laughter of a 10 year old girl.  That smile that just bursts out when she realizes something is so funny and you both click.  Ok?  ok.

I was checking on Danika and her Aleks program for school they do.  She was sitting near the piano in the pink, pastel, tiny spotty twirl chairs I used to sit in, headphones in, knees up as always.  Her subtle hints of red in her hair just shining under the dome light.  My daughter.  I can’t believe she is so beautiful. Creative. Funny. Ok.  So I then notice a large amount of boogers all over this chair! All around the rim.  Everyhwere.  She itches her nose quite a bit.  So I ask, “Are these your boogers?” She looks down and jumps and says, “No!”

As she makes it to the couch, she starts her reading.  She bursts out laughing as she reads me a sentence about snot in her book.  This moment was genius.  I don’t care whose boogers they were.  It became so funny.  I do know they belong to one of my kids.  And I’m not sitting on that chair.

Moving onto Will.  He was asking about different things that get passed down in families and I was telling him about them at the table.  We were face to face.  He was really interested in the answer.  So I explained we have information in our genes that can get passed down in families and make up who we are.  And the look came.  He said with the perfect scrunched up face, “But mommy, I’m not wearing jeans.”

Now Holly.  If you have a problem she can give you a nice, succinct answer.  I had been coming out of a migraine and told her Roxy was my nurse.  She got up on the stool and said,  “Mommy.  I know why you like Roxy when you are sick.  1) She is round. 2) She is fluffy. 3) She is your pet.  That is why you love her!”  Yes, Holly.  IMG_4114


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