A prompt- A high pain day in public

     So I am in this writing group on my migraine awareness board and we have a prompt today, which I will share with them. It’s supposed to be creative, real, personal, and fun.  So this is someone looking at me and my symptoms of a high pain day through their eyes.  I’m going to take it to the grocery store, because I just experienced that, and it’s harder than the pharmacy for me.  Then maybe a day at church.  We’ll see how I feel.

It’s been a hot week, and that can spike my migraines. Changes in weather, a sudden shock of air conditioning, heat, flourescent lights, lots of stimulation, perfume smells, and noises can start a migraine train. This day, I had my dad take me to the store to grocery shop since I already was not feeling good.

“Can you move your cart, please?” I am holding my chest as the Prinzmetals Angina starts to ramp up.  They look a bit irritated that I am not moving fast enough.  Maybe wondering why I have sunglasses on.  I am wondering why they can’t move their cart with one thing and mine is so full and I am hanging on.

I start to shake as the pain moves from my brain stem to my left eye, always my left eye, and need to stop and hold my chest.  A few people stop near the dairy aisle as I hold onto my dad, telling me we need to go.

“What is wrong with her? What does she have? Why is he letting her even out? Because I need to.  I have things to do.  And frankly, I get sick of being in pain.  And sometimes, I can’t know it will get that bad.

We head to the checkout line, the lady with a worried, but kind look on her face.  I recognize her.  I’ve been going here for a long time.  ” Did she get some diagnosis? Why is she shaking and holding onto her father?  We get to the car and I get home; this one a monster migraine that lasted for days.  Ok.  No.  It’s been the same one since July.  It’s been up and down on different pain levels.  I call it brewing.  It can roar or it can grumble.  But it is always there.

Auras are a different story.  I will leave that for another time.IMG_2600 IMG_4122


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