Stick a Cookie in it

IMG_2182I do indent. Nothing I publish comes out that way. Just so you know. I do know not to write a whole paragraph page. Whew. Had to get that one out. Bugging me.
Onto more important things. I’ve been hearing about more and more restaurants, airlines, and public places not wanting kids in their establishments because of the noise kids make. What about the noise adults make? I was at an establishment I love, but the TVs were so, so loud I could hardly hear the person I was trying to talk to, and the people at the bar were so nuts and loud I could not wait to get out! I wanted to enjoy my dinner. But it was a hot loud mess. Not from any kids.
What about rude adults at stores screaming at their kids. I’d like to tell them to quiet down. At one Target, this woman was just going nuts. Granted, I do understand after having three kids in under three years, moms yell. It happens. But I could not escape her. Everywhere I was, there was her voice.
And if a kid says hi to you, or asks a question, just be nice. If a kid is having a meltdown and it looks like the mom just might cry, maybe express it’s ok. It’s not new. I had three crying kids at WalMart in Cedar City, and I began to cry myself. Two carts, two toddlers with wet diapers and snowsuits kicking each other after a 1.5 hour drive, me holding a wet baby trying to do the push a cart, pull a cart… the nicest woman saw me. She asked if she could help and I blubbered, no, no…But she said she was a grandmother and could she help me by holding the baby and pushing a cart.
I finally caved and let her help. She helped me to the checkout, the car, got the kids calmed down, and I was able to get them in dry stuff and car loaded and on our way. See. Nice works.
Now. For tough times, I am sorry to say, just give the kid a cookie! Or a tootsie pop! Now some training in restaurants is great. I have marched my kids out, and that’s all it took. They aren’t perfect. But we can go places and I can expect it won’t be crazy. But if you must…give the kids a cookie and some crayons and let’s all get along!


3 thoughts on “Stick a Cookie in it

  1. Amy says:

    I love that the lady helped you in Walmart. I’ve offered snacks from my diaper bag to parents of kids having a meltdown (hungry and tired being the main causes) and sometimes people are so appreciative of a tiny package of fruit snacks. Us parents got to stick together. People have helped me at church pretty often but rarely out in public.


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