BB, CC, AAA… Don’t these seem familiar?

Oh the pain.  I just lost my WHOLE post.  And I loved it.  K.  Let’s get on down to business.  The BB cream movement.  I am not trendy.  It said so on Facebook.  So it must be true.  I believe everything Facebook quizzes tell me.  I do have challenging skin, which Facebook did not tell me.  The mirror tells me.  So I love to browse Grocery Outlet for hair stuff and Luna bars marked way down.  And one day I saw them.  All the BB creams from different brands.  And I, who turns into a staring, entranced person, has to compare ingredients, claims, google them for reviews…until I am about to pass out from exhaustion or hunger.  Yes.  I got that $3 BB cream dream makeup.  I have that inner desire to be a bombshell supermodel with white teeth, perfect chin, gorgeous hair, amazing skin and that hair.  Of course BB cream will do allllll of that for me, right! Yes!

With the added spf 15 I feel so proud to put in on.  Look.  at.  me.  Hmmm.  Yeah.  Well.  I look the same.  No overnight miracles.  Or even in a month.  I still use it because heck, I feel awesome that all the other people at other stores paid three times as much.  Now moving on to CC cream.  I don’t know the difference.  Cellulite Cream?  Crease Cream? They even have a CC lotion now.  Full on body, baby.  They should make a DD cream, really.  Don’t do -that cream:) And is it just me in my migraine status these past days, or is it kind of funny that they sound like bra sizes. I think I covered most IMG_2348of us 🙂 I was too busy with the BB cream to wade through my over-stuffed drawers with head wraps, fuzzy socks and the assortment of bras we all have–workout, t-shirt, and so on.  So I was late on the hunt trying to find my BB bra (no that’s not real) because of the BB cream.  Lesson?  Don’t think BB cream will change you into a supermodel, and keep your underwear drawer in order.  And eat your pie:)


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