I’ve Reached My Tina Fey Moment

     So, I’m not a pottery barn mom, or an amazing PTA mom, or have an amazing job, or make knock-out dinners for everyone.  Wait.  I do make knock-out root beer float cookies with concentrate I ORDERED just to make them perfect.  And yes they are.  The recipients will tell you.  Yes, I have a messy room.  I can’t fit my life into my room.  And I refuse to put my kids’ art or all my pictures in the heat.  My walls are covered in watercolor and a perfect heart uterus, as my nurse bff noticed one day.  Danika will do great in biology one day.  It is a beautiful heart uterus.  And in the clutter lies hidden treasure.  I can always find the special thing I got for someone when there is a bad day.  Just open the drawers.  Start looking.  Don’t even get me started on shopping.  I thrift.  And my lovely kids have caught on.  I find amazing stuff with the hunt.  I’ve earned my cheetah spots or splotches or whatever they are.  But this all not what reaching my Tina Fey moment is about.

    I brush Danika’s hair at night, braid it so it doesn’t tangle.  Condition and condition.  I’m teaching these young’uns to help with laundry and cooking and taking trash out.  My dad already has taught them their tools.  Danika knows her dishes.  Will and Danika can mow a lawn with my dad supervising.  Holly can sweep and rake.  But.  This is still not it.  And yes, I’m not perfect.  By a long shot.  You know those sling shots? Put me, the ball, in the sling shot and pull back–let go really hard, and off I go.  That’s how far off I am. 

    But.  At a swim meet.  My. pre-tween girl who would rather not have me notice her in public all the time, asked me a question.  WITH her friends.  “Mom, what is PMS?”  So I just explained you get some crampy feelings in your abdomen and you might feel blah, and get grouchy….So they had this little booklet they were all looking at and they saw the things I said, and then pointed out, “And sore boobs!” And Danika looked at me.  See we were jogging to get my steps in.  And one sportsbra just wasn’t helping my sisters out.  SO I had to hold them in.  So Danika laughed and did the same.  Her funny comes out at night:) That. Was my TIna Fey moment. In that THEY REALLY LIKE ME!!!!



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