Oh. My you tube comments 😅. I am Lindsay. I am learning a lot from your makeup videos ! And just know. You are a daughter of God first. That is your identity ! We put all this pressure on ourselves. But in all the busy days and places to go and things to do we forget who we truly are. I’m not what my ex says I am. Or what I tell myself when I feel like I’m not enough for not becoming what I thought I should have been. And you are not less because you are nervous or flat out scared to death to try new things like soccer or getting in a swim suit. Or if your kids say things that just break your heart. You are and always will be, a daughter of God. Of infinite worth. Now go say the Young Women theme. I think I felt like yes! Of course I am! Before life hit me in the face. But that is exactly what I think the Savior means when He asks us to be as children. Teachable, having hope and faith because we know that He is bigger than anything else. We need to work on getting back to that place
And as we work to do that, I know we will find miracles if we look. Things we needed to learn and understand will be made clear. Some things have for me. ✨


Will got ordained to be a teacher. And so much more.

It was so special. Their dad’s grandma was baptized in SLC as a child. And her ancestors crossed the plains with Brigham Young. And she had a big glass paned shelf thing from his collection still in her home. She didn’t stay active because there was no church in Pioche. She had a Southern Paiute nanny. She would use a papoose to carry her own baby. And his grandmother had many baskets and things from her. When she got older and was married, she was afraid of Indians coming in her rural home, so she walked the 5 miles? up the mountain to the mining grounds where her husband worked.

She was Episcopalian. She talked about a thriving Chinatown. She told me how this Chinese man gave her and a friend candy each day and either they sang to him or he sang to them. The Bookmine, the original mining office, was where I lived for awhile. The vault was my closet. We just had a bed. A sink. And it sat on top of the old Chinatown. People still find opium bottles.

But when we were sealed in the Logan temple, his cousin, John Christian, told us that she or her mother was promised that the Priesthood would return to her family. Now Robert’s middle name is Christian. His grandmother is a Christian by marriage.

So when he excommunicated himself I didn’t understand. How did the Priesthood return? But as I watch my son pass the sacrament and go do his ministering, and be ordained, I see that promise coming to fruition. And I know that I was sent these children to fulfill their purpose here. And I have such a huge responsibility to teach them. And guide them. I’m so grateful that I have such a village that I do.

So I guess in a way I do have a pioneer heritage. It is just connected through my children.

To my parents

And you both have every right to be. I love you. And I am proud I have a father and a mother who prepared for me. And for my kids. Who had faith and got baptized. Who gave me an example to follow.

You have strength that is amazing. And I watch. And I try to learn. So don’t put yourself down. I get frustrated with myself. You have things I want to have in my character. Things I try to teach my kids. And I take things from dad. Varena. Your mom. Grandpa. Sophie. Luanne. Louie. All these people who I love and who you brought brought into my life. The Doyles. Joanie. Janie. Karin. Gerry and Rita. You guys have given me opportunities to have such beautiful people around me. And you have surrounded my kids. All your grandkids. With love. Protection. And things I don’t always know how to teach. 💜